Human beings forget very quickly, and that is why some outstanding athletes have faded into oblivion. Some made the news, but are currently mere shadows of themselves. They face challenges such as joblessness, bankruptcy, alcohol and drug abuse, and divorce, among others. Retirement can be especially tough for those who did not establish financial independence during their heydays. The article below will resurrect some of the players who contributed to making sports exciting.

Vin Baker

Vin Baker was part of the NBA All-Star Game and an Olympian. He, however, struggled with alcohol abuse and would even appear on the court drunk. Baker got so good at lying, that not even the doctors knew what was going on. He would even resort to consuming Listerine so as not to arouse any suspicion, and to get that much-needed buzz. Eventually, the lies caught up with him, and Baker had to leave the league and part of the fortune that came with it. After that, he had to deal with other issues such as bankruptcy and foreclosure. These events made him realize that he needed to change. His former boss Howard Schultz gave him a job as a barista at his Starbucks business. He then got a job with the Milwaukee Bucks and got his drinking under control.

Debbie Thomas

Debbie Thomas was an American figure skater who took home the bronze medal in the 1998 Olympics. She seemed to be on the right path because after retiring, she went on to medical school. Unfortunately, Debbie forgot that she was no longer on the rink where thousands of people admired her. Her diva attitude made it very hard for her to maintain regular employment. She could not keep a job, lost her family through divorce, and lost custody of her son. She has not done very well to date and seems to blame her previous Olympic success on her current mentality on how she should be treated.

Kenny Anderson

Kenny Anderson's childhood was complicated. He was sexually molested and had to deal with watching his mother suffer from various addictions. Despite all this, Anderson pursued his love for basketball. He went on to become one of the top earners in the NBA. He led a lavish lifestyle characterized by womanizing and the usual trappings of life. Eventually, he had to file for bankruptcy and ended up leaving the league. In 2019 he was working as a head coach at Fisk University and suffered a stroke. He is involved in several companies and is working with modern sports and cricket. Modern technology has really revolutionized the gaming and cricket world. Cricket manager is one of his most prominent games that has reached a large audience around the globe. He is on the path to recovery and has decided to focus on his 11 children.

Evander Holyfield

According to industry reports, Evander Holyfield took home more than $300 million during his career. To date, many people will remember him because of the ear-biting fiasco during a fight with Mike Tyson. However, not only was Holyfield a great heavyweight boxer but an Olympic champion as well. Unfortunately, the lifestyle, multiple women, and children saw his fortune run out faster than he thought it would. Holyfield incurred massive debts due to not paying alimony checks. Eventually, he had to sell his memorabilia to survive. He also retains the dubious distinction of fighting past his expiry date to earn a living. He continued to fight until the age of 51 when he would ideally have been enjoying the fruits of his success.

Final Thoughts

The world of sport has made it possible for some people to make a lot of money. Unfortunately, the one thing that seems to plague most of the athletes is not knowing how to handle the money they earn. Most will spend it on lavish living resulting in untold misery later in life when they should be enjoying retirement.