Stars have been known to take jewellery to the next level but still, nothing compares to these huge rock beauties that some of our top celebrities flaunt. Here are a few stunning engagement rings that are amazing.

Kim Kardashian

The diamond ring which costs $1.6 million is a complete looker with its flawless diamond. The ring which is 15-carat diamond is the reason she shows off her custom ring.

Miley Cyrus

Miley got back with Liam and it wasn’t surprising to see she still had her old engagement ring on. The 3.5-carat diamond which Liam bought for her was specially designed for Miley. The designer, Neil Lane, told reporters that Liam had requested for something really romantic and beautiful for her. The diamond ring is handmade with diamond carved in the 19th century style. The couple has since been marked and the ring has definitely come to stay.

Katy Perry

Orlando Bloom’s engagement ring to Katy Perry costs a whopping $5 million. This was authentically confirmed by the very person of Andrew Brown, the president of WP Diamonds. Andrew explained that the vivid pink (4-carat shaped in an oval) was arranged with eight white diamonds to give the look of a flower “in bloom”. The ring is said to be one of a kind and very much valuable.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber engaged his wife, Hailey Baldwin with a huge diamond ring. The rock is large enough to cause serious envy. One would wonder how heavy it is.

James McVey

James McVey ring to Kristie Brittain was extremely stunning. The ring is designed by Thomas Sono. James is also rocking his own engagement ring from the same designer.

Blac Chyna

Rob Kardashian made a huge investment in Chyna's engagement ring and the ring costs a huge $325,000. The 7-carat diamond ring is worth the same value as a semi-detached house. However, the couple split not long after the engagement.

Lady Gaga

Taylor Kinney gave Lady Gaga a stunning engagement ring which had her initials on it. The diamond ring is said to have cost $400,000. The ring has her initials and Taylor’s with a heart at the band’s back. Unfortunately, the couple has since ended the engagement.

Iggy Azalea

Nick Young proposed to the star with a 10-carat diamond ring which is valued at $500,000. The design of the ring looks classic but is specially designed for Iggy. Nick gave her the ring marking her 30th birthday. The couple has, however, split up.

Nicki Minaj

Although, the ring isn’t actually an engagement ring the diamond is definitely impressive. According to Mick Mill, he claimed that the ring (the third specifically) that he would unleash on Nicki will be an engagement ring. The big yellow diamond heart-shaped ring is definitely worth your envy.

Cheryl Jean

Jean-Bernard spent £275,000 on Cheryl’s diamond ring which is extremely beautiful. The ring was to show an unfailing and unconditional love which now doesn’t matter as the couples have split up.